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Static Guard Security Officer
Static Guard Security

Pilgrims Security offers a Static Guard Security Service employing sound caliber Officers, trained to high levels in Conflict Management, First Aid, Driver Training and Self-Defense Techniques, Pilgrims Security Static Guard Security Officers will provide your Venue/Residence with a Platinum Security Service.

Pilgrims 24/7 Monitoring
24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Pilgrims Security provides 24/7 monitoring of the Intruder Alarm System where printouts of all activations are recorded in “real time”. This service is an integral part of having an Intruder Alarm System.

Alarm Maintenance Contract

Taking into account the environment, it is strongly recommended that you enter into a full maintenance contract to ensure the continued optimum operation of the systems.

Alarm Response

Alarms without a Response Service is not sound security. Therefore, once we receive activation, we will respond immediately by dispatching a Rapid Response Team to your location to investigate.

Pilgrims Security Close Protection
Close Protection

Since its formation Pilgrims Security has always been the chosen supplier of Close Protection Officers by Foreign Diplomats & Royal Families. Pilgrims Security has provided Close Protection to many foreign clients whilst on their stay in the Seychelles each time receiving nothing but praise for the exemplary service that had been delivered.

Pilgrims Security Maritime
Maritime Consultancy Service

With the increase in Piracy in the last few years Pilgrims Security can provide a Consultancy Service and work effectively to ensure your Maritime Assets are safe and secure while in Seychelles waters.

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